I imagine this amazing jacket makes things difficult for her when she wants to sit down and have a nice cup of coffee or visit the parents.

The price we pay for looking fly.



There’s a funny disconnect between the things I find appealing to draw and what I dig in real life. On the page, I love laying down lines that turn into stovepipe legs, gaunt faces and half burnt cigarettes. In reality to these same people I’d probably say, ‘Nice jacket,’ and think ‘Hit the gym and lay off the heroin.’




You thought I was dead, but I was really playing with bitmaps.

Stacks waiting to go…



It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, longing for, yearning for in your dreams, pining for in your silent hours, praying for each night before you drift off to sweet, unsatisfied sleep…

It’s the moment when I release to you all, Sucker’s Game.

This thing is product of about half a year’s worth of daily effort. Wake up, layout, erase, rinse, repeat. Wake up, pencil, ink, rinse, repeat. Wake up, script, revise, rinse, repeat.

It’s the culmination of a long conversation between me and one Enzo Vega.

See, I don’t really dictate this whole Bordello deal. I just shut up and listen to what the characters have to say. Sucker’s Game is what Enzo had to say first, and now I’m here to share all that with you.

Thank you all so much for continuing to take an interest in this crazy project of mine. I hope you enjoy this book, pass it on to your friends, spread the word, reblog it, start smoke signals, shout to the heavens, whatever feels best. Just help me get it out there, and I’ll keep cranking on comics.

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The other week I received a brand spanking new batch of postcards to fire off to art directors. This week I’m drawing on the envelopes said postcards are being shoved in. These are just some of them.

They look decidedly less attractive when I have to write addresses all over the free real estate.

Time to keep plugging away in this illustration game.

I Know, I Know, I Look Better in Real Life


In other news, Run the Jewels Pt. 2’s track list has been announced and I’ve got a batch of brand spanking new post cards to send to art directors. Good times.



The Bordello is the story of Enzo Vega, a part time male escort busy being a fulltime lowlife, currently selling skin in the City of Sin. Sucker’s Game shows us how he got started.

See, Enzo was raised by his Uncle Dominic, an ex card shark and relic of the Rat Pack era. Dom owned a strip club, La Dolce Vita, and young Enzo grew up around a gaggle of showgirls, aging wise guys, washed up entertainers and Dominic’s best friend, a gigolo out of Miami by the name of Victor Salamanca.

Being raised around that bunch would screw any cat’s priorities up real fast, and he picked up a few things, maybe grew up a little quicker than he should have. Easy money and loose morals will do that to a guy. It’s no wonder Enzo and Uncle Dom had their little falling out, or that Enzo ran all the way to the Army to get away from things.

Sucker’s Game takes place after Enzo returns from a four-year sabbatical in a little thing called Operation Desert Storm. He finds La Dolce Vita under new management and learns that his Uncle has wound up in a hole somewhere in the desert. The new management might have had something to do with that. Did I mention they’re Russian gangsters?

It’s a story about a man who finds his back against the wall, the rug yanked out from under him, with nowhere to turn. So he decides to get creative. The only people he knows are hustlers. Time to start hustling on his own.

He takes stock of his skills and finds he’s really only good at two things in life.

Screwing and screwing up.

Who says you can’t make a buck doing either?

Toss a bad temper, copious amounts of booze, a pack a day habit and the Las Vegas Strip into the mix and you’ve got something that’s more than halfway interesting. Mix in a big dose of revenge, a healthy love of film noir, gussy it up in sharp threads and now you’re really talking.

When a guy lacking any kind of conventional morals gets pushed to the edge, there isn’t a whole lot he won’t do. Enzo Vega is that guy. Sucker’s Game is that story.

(.PDF - 112 bourbon soaked, blood splattered, perfume covered pages)

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Doc Love


Over the summer during the Illustration Academy I shot a bunch of reference of the various attendees wearing one of my old leather bomber jackets. I also managed to con a pro or two.

So I asked Jeff Love to pose. You guys should know him. He’s only a badass. No big deal. He’s only a Society of Illustrators gold medal winner. No big deal. He’s only managed to shrug off a career drawing hamburgers flying over highways for editorial gigs and successfully transitioned into doing stellar fantasy work. No big deal.

He’s also one of the nicest and most helpful illustrators around and I’m real proud to be able to call him a friend.

The Crawling King Snake


It pays to have friends that vaguely resemble Jim Morrison/Bob Dylan/Neal Cassady. You can dragoon them into posing for you and then play paper doll with their outfits when you draw from the reference.

You’re the man, Dan.