Punk, Pt. 4 (Not Cameron)


Moving in the morning. Always fun. Not. Yes. No. Yes.

Steve McQueen


"Thanks baby."


Michael Caine


"Still the same. Piss holes in the snow…"


Anonymous asked: Where can "The Bordello" be purchased?

Hola Anonymous,

I am currently sitting on the single extant copy of The Bordello: Sucker’s Game. Life right now has me moving halfway across the country and over the past three months since the book’s completion, one thing after another has prevented me from engaging in any kind of print run.

I do wholly intend to engage in a limited run of Sucker’s Game to start things off, but the exact dates WHEN I’ll be doing this remain fuzzy.

I’ve got nothing but positive reactions from everyone whose read it though, and that’s kept my fire stoked. Rest assured, my alcohol and lust ridden bastard children are still alive and kicking…they’re just recovering from a massive bender. 

Nick Cave


"I’m yearning to be done with all this measuring of proof…"


Lou Reed


"Hey babe…"


Miles Davis